Have a happy and responsible 2019!


This might be a good year to step into our strength and fully take responsibility for what we consider to be valuable. The seed of respect and compassion for all life in and around us is nurtured by our self-responsibility.

What does it mean to be responsible?


Taking care of my health instead of merely hoping for the best.


To stop waiting for love to happen, and embody the love, become the love that dissolves my own pettiness and resentment, my own small heart and small mind.


Not to fall into hopelessness about Earth’s current state but to start taking steps: for example, to stop buying single-use plastic. (Not enough? Of course. But if a million of us decides to do the same, a change will happen.) We can never know what kind of change our seemingly small step might create.


To stop complaining about my relationships – be it partners, family or friends. Can I look inside and ask myself instead: how am I supporting this situation? Is it all other people’s fault or some of my weaknesses are being acted out, too? Can I take responsibility to free my life of the relationships that don’t nourish me and take good care of those that do?


To stop regretting that I haven’t learned a foreign language, that I’m not travelling, that my parents never paid for me to take music lessons, that I’m not talented for… whatever. Can I move my butt and find a way for it to happen? It’s never too late. Never.


To be fair and honest (when did that go out of fashion?).


To finally understand that the peace and joy in my heart are my responsibility only and that I need to learn how to support my heart gently and patiently to make it become big and elastic.


And the most important: to not spend my life longing for the elusive MORE that never transforms into ENOUGH, but to look around and bow before what I already have.


Thank you all who took part in shaping my year 2018, on the dancefloor and beyond.
Thank you, thank you, thank you


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