Supervision is an individual or group process through which body psychotherapy students, practitioners and therapists develop additional professional competencies for working with clients.

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Supervision for the supervisee can be:

  • support in searching for new solutions in the context of psychotherapy
  • clarification of steps, goals or roles in the psychotherapy process
  • help with the integration of theory and practice of body psychotherapy
  • help in resolving conflicts in the therapist-client relationship
  • discovering one’s own strengths and weaknesses in work


Dream analysis course

Stepping into the world of dream interpretation means stepping out of a primarily rational view of things, which can be challenging in this materialistically oriented world, where intuition, spirit or dreams are deemed useless. Dreams are not an exact science. The accuracy of what we interpret is not verifiable by any tools, except by the clear insight of the dreamer whose dream was analyzed and interpreted. Nevertheless, for those who are dedicated about dreams, dreams become an irreplaceable resource and guidance, a kind of a continuous sincere feedback.

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In this course we learn different approaches to dream analysis, with an emphasis on Jungian. We will embark on a deeper exploration of symbols and our personal relationship with them. We learn the steps of dream analysis, practicing on the recent dreams of the other group participants.
At the end of the course, you will have enough experience and tools to be able to approach dream interpretation with more confidence – although this knowledge should be further developed and deepened through years of practice.

Topics covered in the course:

  • Physiology of dreams
  • Developing a symbolic way of thinking
  • Understanding symbols in dreams
  • The difference between objective and subjective interpretation of dreams
  • Basic concepts of Jungian dream analysis
  • Active imagination and its role in dream interpretation
  • Steps of Jungian dream analysis
  • Dream analysis through art therapy
  • Panoramic dream analysis

Who is this course for:

  • for psychotherapists and students of various psychotherapy disciplines who want to acquire tools for working with their clients’ dreams, gain insight into the client’s unconscious, monitor the client’s progress through a series of dreams…
  • for people who want to connect more with intuition, the world of symbols and non-linear thinking
  • for all mentally healthy adults interested in dream interpretation, regardless of previous experience


Body psychotherapy professional training

The CIR-ICBP Institute was created in 2024 as a result of the reorganization of the Center for Integrative Development (CIR) after 20 years of work. CIR ICBP offers a five-year accredited training in integrative body psychotherapy in Zagreb, Rijeka, Belgrade and Budapest.

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The first two years of education are designed as a program for personal development in which participants are introduced to the basic concepts and maps of physical and transpersonal psychotherapy, with an emphasis on practical learning methods that enable participants to integrate learned mental concepts through personal emotional and physical experience. It is possible to attend only the first two years of education.
The remaining three years are dedicated exclusively to intensive and thorough professional training in body psychotherapy, where students expand and practically apply the knowledge and experience gained so far in psychotherapy work with clients.

For more information, visit CIR ICBP.