Enesa Mahić

Psychologist and body psychotherapist with a private practice in Zagreb, currently studying clinical and counseling psychology. In individual work, I use the principles of body psychotherapy and somatic trauma work as well as elements of meditation practices, while in group work, I combine them with authentic conscious movement and dance, rooted in the 5Rhythms method.

The love for psychotherapy was born through a personal experience of body psychotherapy in youth, and continued and deepened through research and experience of other modalities. I have an unwavering trust in the intelligence of the body and am fascinated by finding ways back to this resource that is available to us all the time.

Although the basis of body-psychotherapy work is the inevitable triad of body-mind-feelings, my deepest interest is psychotherapy is working with the part of us that has remained undamaged by all the traumas and challenges of life, the part that transcends the boundaries of that triad. Although we all come to therapy to solve personal problems, in moments of spontaneous opening and expansion of consciousness, clients often get an insight and a need to contribute more to the world around us. I therefore believe that personal evolution contributes to collective evolution and that psychotherapy work is one of the most important steps in that development.

My approach is humanistic, relational and integrative.

The issues I most often deal with in my practice are somatization, developmental and shock trauma, anxiety and depression.

When I’m not working, I can be found on the dancefloor, in nature, in the garden or on a meditation cushion.

2001-2004 training in body psychotherapy Core Energetics
2003-2007 organizer and assistant at the first Core Energetics body psychotherapy training in Croatia, training for teaching the method
2003 – now co-founder of the Center for Integrative Development (then Snowlion Center School), where I have been working as an educator, supervisor and mentor ever since.
2010-2011 teacher training in the 5Rhythms dance method
2009-2012 education in clinical psychology and trauma work at the Center for Intentional Living
2018-2021 training in Somatic Experiencing trauma work
2019-2022 undergraduate psychology degree
2020-2022 2.5-year education in Expressive Art Therapy
2023 – now studying towards graduate degree in clinical and counseling psychology
2024 – now co-founding CIR ICBP (Center for Integrative Development – Institute for Core Integrative Body Psychotherapy)